Training locations in Sexocoroporel

Sexocorporel Geneva: CEReS – “Center for Teaching and Research in Sexocorporel”, collaboration between French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino.

The International Sexocorporel Institute – Jean-Yves Desjardins, founded in Geneva on April 28, 2004, is the official organ of Sexocorporel. You will find various useful information concerning the Sexocorporel, its foundations, the various training activities organized in Europe and in Canada.

The Sexocorporel Institute Arc-Jurassien organizes seminars « Vivre en Amour » (“Living in Love”). These seminars were developed by Prof. Jean-Yves Desjardins more than 30 years ago and enriched new knowledge as they appear. They correspond in some way to adult sex education courses, deepening five themes during a weekend each time. For more information, visit the Institute website.

The Zürcher Institut für klinische Sexologie & sexualtherapie (ZISS) is an institute offering Sexocorporel training in German-speaking Switzerland in the Zurich region.

The Zentrum für interdiziplinäre sexologie und medizin (ZiSMed) is a sexocorporal assessment and treatment center based in Zurich.

Centre de Formation en Sexocorporel – France (C.F.S.F.)

Centre International de Formation et de Recherche En Sexualité – France (CIFRES)

Académie du Sexocorporel Desjardins inc. – Québec


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