Here below are some informations on my availability
they are updated very regularly, then do not hesitate to revisit this page!

Last update on November 14th, 2018.

Thank you for reading this message up to the end!


IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, please address to the psychiatric urgency service of the University Hospitals of Geneva (phone 022/372.38.62).


« LAST MINUTE » INFORMATIONS or state of my availabilities: 

I HAVE AVAILABILITY FOR THE EVALUATION OF NEW SITUATIONS UNTIL THE END OF NOVEMBER. Are you interested, so please let me know by giving your name and phone number separately on my answering machine (022 / 860.95.90).


If necessary, I can simply answer a question to which my site would not answer, but of course, I can not solve your sexual problems by a simple phone call … Do not hesitate to leave me a brief message on my answering machine (022 / 860.95.90)!



Please note that I am not able to answer you (quickly) by email (that I do not have the time to watch more than once a week in the rule!), nor unfortunately to give you satisfaction by fixing by this means an appointment.


You can also contact one of the sexologists listed below at the bottom of the page.  




Please note that the office is usually closed on friday afternoons.



Regular or past patients can let a short message (with phone number) on my callbox (022/860.95.90), and I will call back as soon as possible.




For your information, I schedule appointments for evaluation (new situations) from week to week. Usually, in good times during the year, I can evaluate 1 to 3 new situations each week. There are, however, more difficult periods, as sometimes those preceding or directly following the school holidays.

However, I also sometimes have last-minute cancellations (so unpredictable) allowing me to clear the time necessary for an evaluation, and I indicate it if necessary in the part entitled « LAST MINUTES » above.

Please note that I am not, as a rule, not able to set an assessment appointment (for new situations) other than by a direct phone with you, I can not especially do it by email.


The evaluation session (first session) lasts, if possible, 2 hours, so as to more effectively perform an overall first round of your clinical situation, rather than cutting the assessment into 2 or 3 shorter sessions.

It is not possible for me to consult by email or phone, because in general, only an accurate assessment of the problem, as well as your sexual functioning, can help to decide an issue! I am also in the rule not able to respond, for lack of time, e-mails asking to set a first appointment assessment, or to remind, except in case of mention above. Thank you for your understanding!

I do individual or couple assessments, depending on what you think is preferable. However, during a couple consultation, depending on what you tell me about your respective problems, we will probably agree to the individual assessment of your respective sexual situations, before engaging in a therapeutic process whatever he is. These individual assessments are done in the strictest possible respect of the medical confidentiality due to each of you.




Mr Jean-Paul Cousse                                Phone: +41 79 353 05 92
Mrs Yvonne Iglesias                                  Phone: +41 76 426 17 04
Mrs Antoinette Liechti-Maccarone             Phone: +41 22 738 17 02
Dr Christophe Pause                                 Phone: +41 22 771 48 00
Mrs Marie-Jeanne Stirlin                           Phone: +41 22 311 66 88
Dr Florian Wschiansky                              Phone:+41 22 800 27 05



Region of Lausanne:
Mrs Patrizia Anex, Orbe                          Phone: +41 24 441 61 67
Mr Jean-Marie Goël, Lausanne               Phone: +41 21 311 10 20
Mr Jean-Jacques Moser, Épalinges        Phone: +41 21 784 29 00

Region of Biel / Jura:
Mrs Mireille Baumgartner                        Phone: 032 325 12 36
Mrs Anne-Marie Lando-Wacker.             Phone: 032 466 43 63

In Ticino:
Mrs Pamella Borelli                                Phone: +41 79 516 16 03

Mrs Yoko Pedrazzoli                              Phone: +41 91 971 42 22
Dr Jeffrey Pedrazzoli                              Phone: +41 91 971 42 22
Mrs Linda Rossi                                     Phone: +41 91 921 47 07

In Valais:
Mrs Joëlle Gourier, Ayent                      Phone: 027 322 34 33

In Zurich:
The Zentrum für interdiziplinäre sexologie und medizin (ZiSMed) is a center for evaluation and treatment in Sexocorporel.


NEIGHBORHOOD FRANCE (Annemasse / Ambilly):

Mrs Patricia Faure                               Phone: +33 (0)450 38.73.69